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Venus Mons IliadVenus Mons Iliad
by William R. Burkett, Jr. $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
Like Homer’s Iliad, this too is an epic story, the recounting of a man’s journey, in this case through a life filled with a strange species called "woman." If men are from Mars and women from Venus, here is a sci-fi writer exploring the space between them. Buy and/or Read More >>>

Shadow of a SoldierShadow of a Soldier
Army Tales From an Unpublished Diary & Other Orphan Stories,

by William R. Burkett, Jr. $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
While serving as a husky young MP in Europe, noted sci-fi author Bill Burkett kept a diary of his misadventures, encounters, romances, and sightseeing. Buy and/or Read More >>>

The Duck Hunter Diaries 3The Duck Hunter Diaries, Volume Three: 1982 - 2015
by William R. Burkett, Jr. $3.99 ebook; $16.95 paperback
Bill Burkett has devoted many years to the sport of hunting ducks. And all the while he kept a careful diary of his experiences out on the water with his dog and gun. At the same time he managed to share memories of his life as a newspaper gypsy. Buy and/or Read More >>>

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A Footnote to HistoryA Footnote to History
by William R. Burkett, Jr., $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
If the armadillo hadn’t crossed the moonlit road at that specific moment in 1967, the newlywed couple would not have died in a car crash. The 3092 search algorithm would not have substituted a perfect clone for the husband in the moment of his fiery death. Buy and/or Read More >>>

Three Christmas Gifts Three Christmas Gifts A Trio of Holiday Short Stories
by William R. Burkett, Jr.,$2.99 ebook
Bill Burkett offers up three Christmas stories from three of his short story collections Buy and/or Read More >>>

Three Memorable Short StoriesThree Memorable Short Stories
by William R. Burkett, Jr., $1.99 ebook
These three short stories are an excellent introduction to the writings of William R. Burkett, Jr. With the ring of autobiographical observations, this trio gives you a glimpse into his idiosyncratic world peopled by oddballs and eccentrics. Buy and/or Read More >>>

The Duck Hunter Diaries, Volume TwoThe Duck Hunter Diaries, Volume Two: 1974 - 1982
By William R. Burkett, Jr. $3.99 ebook; $16.95 paperback
Bill Burkett has spent a good portion of his life hunting ducks. All the while he kept personal diaries that describe those memorable outings along with recalling the high points of his journalistic career. Duck hunters are sure to identify with these exhilarating tales. Buy and/or Read More >>>

by William R. Burkett,Jr. $3.99
Up in the Pacific Northwest, folks whisper about big hairy human-like creatures they call skooks. Others might refer to them as sasquatch, or Big Foot. A down-on-his-luck ex-newspaperman lives not far from the Gorge where strange sightings take place. Buy and/or Read More >>>

Duck Hunter DiariesThe Duck Hunter Diaries, Volume One: 1956 - 1973
by William R. Burkett, Jr., $3.99
For Bill Burkett, life has been an extended series of duck hunts. Here are his personal diaries that describe memorable hunts along with the high points of his journalistic career. Buy and/or Read More >>>

Newspaper GypsyNewspaper Gypsy
by William R. Burkett, Jr.
The career of a newspaper journalist told as a series of short stories, each more fascinating than the one before. This saga of a reporter's career is real enough to be true. Buy and/or Read More >>>

The Pea-Green Boat The Pea-Green Boat and other unsettling stories
by William R. Burkett, Jr. $3.99
Ever read a story that made the hairs on your arms stand up? Well, get ready for a few unexpected chills as you read this new collection of short stories from the pen of William R. Burkett, Jr. Each of these stories are slightly off-center, just enough to be . . . unsettling. Buy and/or Read More >>>

After August"After August," by William R. Burkett, Jr.
The time was 1959. Walter was a cook at Dawson’s Famous Seafood Restaurant supporting his tubercular wife in an inland sanatorium and their daughter, who lived with her mother’s parents. He was a loner who minded his own business until Corinne . . .Buy and/or Read More >>>

Mean Grey Old Morning"Mean Grey Old Morning," by William R. Burkett, Jr.
"Immolation of someone else's diary was not how I had planned to start my day – it was a mean grey old morning, but I didn’t know then that was what to call it . . ." From surveillance of a yellow convertible in South Carolina to conversation with a streetwalker . . .Buy and/or Read More >>>

Twin Killing"Twin Killing," by William R. Burkett, Jr.
The seventies in Seattle: XXX-rated theatres on First Avenue and a dramatic economic meltdown that swamped the street activism of the sixties and led to the famous billboard lament: Will the last person leaving Seattle turn out the lights. . . .Buy and/or Read More >>>

John Campbell Science Fiction Genius"John W. Campbell, Jr.: Science Fiction Genius," by William R. Burkett, Jr.
John W. Campbell. Jr. is remembered as the longtime editor of ANALOG Science Fiction and Fact. As such, he played a major role in shaping the Golden Age of Science Fiction . . .Buy and/or Read More >>>

A Matter of Logistics"A Matter of Logistics (Volume One)," by William R. Burkett, Jr.
JAfter being banished into deep space and forgotten, these outcasts made contact with alien species and raised a great army for their return. But an ensuing stalemate between the forces required new tactics. So the enemy infiltrated the isolated planet . . .Buy and/or Read More >>>

Family Skeleton Family Skeleton (A Rainy City Mystery) by William R. Burkett, Jr.
Seattle private eye Eddie Hummel gets called onto the case of a family with a missing twenty-year-old daughter. There'’s more to the Filmore family than meets the eye. Here, in the hardboiled ’70s, Hummel puts his sleuthing skills into gear and starts rattling… family skeletons. Buy and/or Read More >>>

Snowing A Little In Paris Snowing A Little in Paris And Other Cold War Stories
by William R. Burkett, Jr. $3.99
Another masterful collection of short fiction from the author of Mean Grey Old Morning, After August, Twin Killing, and Sleeping Planet. Here are impressionistic stories about military days in Europe and budding love in the City of Lights. Buy and/or Read More >>>


Genre: Science Fiction/Literature/Good Reads/Mystery Thriller

Meet The Author

William R. Burkett, Jr. is an acclaimed sci-fi writer, listed in The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction. He published his first novel at 18. A strapping youth who lived with his grandparents at Neptune Beach, Florida, his first job was as a copy boy for the Florida Times-Union and Jacksonville Journal, but that soon gave way to a position as feature writer. After a tour of duty as an M.P. in Germany, he resumed his journalistic career. Working in both the States and the Bahamas, he pursued a particular muse - duck hunting. That led to writing for hunting magazines and doing PR for the Washington State Highway Patrol and settlement in the Pacific Northwest where the ducks were plentiful and the fishing was good.

Instant Interview!
What do you like best about writing? 
"As soon as the words begin to flow, they transport you into another place, outside time.  Hours can sweep by unnoticed and mundane things like hunger, thirst, sleep seem suspended until the writing hits a speed bump.  Most fascinating of all is when your characters seize control and run away with the story, with you laboring behind to catch up."

What's the favorite compliment or accolade you've received for your writing?

"Where the hell have you been hiding?!" John W. Campbell Jr.'s opening sentence in his acceptance letter for Sleeping Planet.

William Burkett, Jr.

William R. Burkett, Jr.
Sleeping Planet
50th Anniversary Edition

by William R. Burkett, Jr.,

Science Fiction Encyclopedia described this as a “hard-edged” tale of the 24th-century conquest of Earth by an alien empire the humans had judged too stupid to pull off such a coup. Only a handful of humans escaped the effects of a mutated narcoleptic drug that put humanity into protracted hibernation. The battle to liberate Earth is fought by those few with the aid of a vengeful ghost called “Gremper” by the aliens. The action is fast and furious, while the genius general of the invading fleet goes slowly insane at the disruption of his well-laid plans. “A natural-born storyteller,” said bestselling author Frank G. Slaughter. A classic reprint of a sci-fi masterpiece.
Buy and/or Read More >>>