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Malloy’s MayhemMalloy’s Mayhem - The Death in Key West Spy Series (Book One)
by Barthélemy Banks, $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
When you’re trained to kill, it’s easy to do without a blink of the eye. From Cuban mercenaries to his old teammates, Tim Mallory, a “retired” CIA assassin, dispatches all comers between frozen drinks at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville. A one-time spy who remembers all the tricks of the tradecraft. Buy and/or Read More

Mumm's CurseMumm's Curse (Mumm Trilogy - Book Two)
by Barthélemy Banks, $3.99 ebook, $19.95 paperback
That trying-to-be-retired CIA shooter Leslie Carroll Mumm returns with his beautiful island-born wife in a second adventure that involves murder, blackmail, a female assassin named Charlie, an oversexed albino televangelist, and a crack sniper working for the Libyans. Buy and/or Read More >>>

Genre: Spy Novels

Meet The Author

Barthélemy Banks is the nom de plume of a former supervisor for a publishing company secretly backed by the CIA. He spent a number of years in the Bahamas where he rubbed elbows with spies, smugglers, international bankers, and reclusive millionaires. Today, he lives on a remote island, where he finds it safe to write about the clandestine world he knows so well.

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What do you like best about writing?

Telling a story. Whether it's true or totally made up doesn't matter. It's the pleasure of telling a story to an audience. So I guess you could call me a performer. But with words.

Barthélemy Banks

B. Banks
by Barthélemy Banks,
A retired spy with an exotic wife sets a trap for an old friend who now works for the other side. But who’s trying to kill whom? Colorful locales from New York City to the Islands of the Bahamas are the background for espionage, sex, and betrayal in this new series.