Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Meet The Author

Paul Sinor is an award winning screenwriter/producer and novelist. He has eight feature films that have been produced from scripts he wrote. He currently has two mystery series in print, a non-fiction book on marketing screenplays and two stand-alone novels. He was the Army Liaison to the TV and Film industry in Los Angeles for five years and worked as Technical Advisor for such films as TRANSFORMERS 1-3, I AM LEGEND, THE MESSENGER, TAKING CHANCE, INVASION, GI JOE, TOUR OF DUTY and numerous other television series.

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Paul Sinor

Paul Sinor
Where There’s Smoke
Whodunit Award Winner, 3rd Place
by Paul Sinor,
$3.99 ebook, $14.94 paperback

After working as a deputy sheriff, then joining her father’s private investigation firm, Lacey Boyce became a smoke jumper. Lacey and a small group of others like her jumped out of a perfectly good airplane and landed in the smoke-filled mouth of Hell. This pits her against The Football Man, the most famous arsonist in Washington State. But he was dead, wasn’t he? A gripping mystery by award-winning screenwriter/producer and novelist Paul Sinor.
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