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Deep AirDeep Air
by Reef Perkins, $3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
There's nothing funny about hit men, insurance scammers, loansharking bookmakers or leaky love dolls, but Perkins allows us to see the outlandishness of it all. He makes us laugh with his plots and the insane characters that parade through Deep Air. Buy and/or Read More >>>

Screwed Blu'd and TattooedScrewed, Blu’d And Tattooed (And Other Stories)
by Reef Perkins, $3.99
Meet Blu Yunger, a wild and wooly young traveler who will take you for quite a ride in his fast Ford Fairlane. Along the way you’ll meet the beauteous Fakyah Aineedair, Big Roid Bagwith, and Trout Bender.
Buy and/or Read More >>>

Genre: Literature/Good Reading

Meet The Author

Captain Mark T. "Reef" Perkins is a marine surveyor with a colorful past. From commanding a 150-foot 300 DWT US Army diving ship off Vietnam to smuggling in the Caribbean, Reef Perkins has become a living legend. A graduate of both the US Army Engineer Officer Candidate School and the US Navy Salvage Officers School, he’s a man comfortable in or out of the water. Raised in rural Michigan, Reef now lives in Key West where he can get his feet wet.

Instant Interview!

What do you like best about writing?
It is knowing that out there somewhere, in the quiet night, a reader will apply sacred oils, inhale deeply and say, "Well, fuck it. I paid for it, guess I might as well keep reading." Plus, being classified as a "writer" allows me the "Old school tie, don’t you know," type of freedom to criticize other writers with impunity.
Which author has inspired you the most?
My grandmother, Ethel. She sent money with her cards.

Captain Mark T. "Reef" Perkins

Captain Mark T. Reef Perkins
Sex, Salvage & Secrets
by Reef Perkins,

Reef Perkins has led a colorful life – combat veteran, smuggler, and salvager. He tells all in this funny and fascinating memoir. From near death at the age of four to “the Pimple Years” to the Jack and Jill Dude Ranch to fighting In Country in Vietnam to Key West Daze, you’ll encounter real-life adventures that are more entertaining than fiction.