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Science Fiction/Fantasy

After August
Birdwoman: Memoirs of a Lovesick Siren
by Anne Carlisle,
$3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback

The paranormal and modern love are brewed together in this romantic coming-of-age saga about a 23-year-old siren-in-human-form. Destiny Dragoman (the word "dragoman" means interpreter or guide) possesses the gift of eidetic memory, mindreading, and musical genius -- not to mention vestigial wings hidden under her shoulder blades. She flies like a migratory bird between Pinnacle, Wyoming, and Key West, Florida. Although Destiny’s predatory powers outmatch any human’s, she experiences heartbreak over and over again. She lives under the shadow of a family curse -- the women can have any man they like, so long as they like him dead. Read a Review!

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