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AAeB brings you original videos — documentaries and movies — that you won’t find in neighborhood theaters. From phantasmagorical events like Key West’s Fantasy Fest to ghost stories and horror films, our editors select the unusual, the offbeat, the hard-to-find videos that will amaze and amuse you

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DANCIN' DEJAThe Best of FANTASY FEST 2007 - $19.95 each DVD
DANCIN' DEJAH College Girl Runs for Fantasy Fest Queen
A University of Miami co-ed brings her hot friends to Fantasy Fest. In a bid for the title of Queen, she raises money by dancing on bar tops and stripping for dollars. Does she win? It doesn't matter as everyone joins in the bawdy fun. Buy and/or Read More >>>

MELISSA WOLFThe Best of FANTASY FEST 2006- $19.95 each DVD
MELISSA WOLF Most Photographed Penthouse Pet
Maybe you won't recognize this vivacious blonde without a staple in her belly in the centerfold of a magazine, but she's appeared in more men's magazines than you can shake a . . . stick at. Buy and/or Read More >>>

JOANNA KRUPAThe Best of FANTASY FEST 2005 - $19.95 each DVD
JOANNA KRUPA Playboy’s "World's Sexiest Swimsuit Model"
From magazine pages to movies to TV shows you've seen lots of this Polish-born beauty. Her guest appearances range from ER to CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, from Las Vegas to (of course) a juggy dancer on The Man Show. Buy and/or Read More >>>

TRACI BINGHAMThe Best of FANTASY FEST 2004 - $19.95 each DVD
TRACI BINGHAM Former Star of Baywatch
You've seen her in movies, you've seen her on TV. She was Jordan Tate, that sexy lifeguard in the red swimsuit on Baywatch . . .now she's here at Key West's Fantasy Fest interviewing paraders, shopping and demonstrating how to blow a conch. Buy and/or Read More >>>