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Mystery / Thriller
Cruelty In Paradise
Cruelty In Paradise
by Tim L. Lewis,
$3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback

Ted Locksby has never been a detective. Neither has Lilly Houceen. Ted is a neurosurgeon who lost his practice after an accident to his hand. He values his friendships and blames himself for not recognizing of the despair – and the resulting susceptibility to evil machinations – of his friend Tommy. Lilly is the sister of a man Tommy killed. She’s an independent, competent, unassuming woman with remarkable sagacity. In their attempt to discover the identity of the malefactor who manipulated Tommy, Ted and Lilly get thrown together with a Brevard County, Florida, detective who warns them of danger in their investigation. Next thing you know, they’re involved in murders, mysterious twins, large corporations with hidden agendas, and perils beyond their wildest expectation.
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Cruelty In Paradise