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Mystery / Thriller
The Dark End of the Rainbow
The Dark End of the Rainbow
by J.E. Irvin,
$3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback

Teenager Xandra Byrd plans one final drug drop to finance her budding skateboard career. High school principal Leah Davis returns to work after maternity leave, so stressed by the change in routine that she forgets her infant is in the car. Then both Xandra and the baby vanish. Now Detective Joe Zetts, whose own career is on the line, must solve the puzzle of the twin disappearances before the baby's mother is indicted for murder. This emotionally powerful tale examines the corrosive effect of keeping secrets and the healing power of love, uniting the protagonists in a race to save themselves from falling into the dark end of the rainbow. Read Review!
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The Dark End of the Rainbow

Once a teacher, always a teacher...my novel has given rise to a creative endeavor by a group of California teens directed and produced by my nephew, Matejas Mackin, a high school senior who intends to pursue a film career. The trailer for my novel - The Dark End of the Rainbow.