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Mystery / Thriller
Insurance Claims
Insurance Claims can be Murder
Jeff Terrell, Private Investigator, and his partner, Bud, Series (Book 1)

by Mark Zeid,
$3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback

Introducing a laid-back private detective, Jeff Terrell, and his lazy partner, Bud, as they take a routine case of checking out an insurance claim for a traffic accident, which puts them in the middle of a homicide investigation when their client ends up dead. With the help of an attractive receptionist, Naomi, the trio pursue leads looking for a missing husband and a homeless woman, hoping to find the murderer. Meanwhile, the killer is doing everything possible to make it impossible to find the missing people. As bullets fly and more bodies turn up, Jeff, Bud, and Naomi discover they have become targets as they stand in the way of the killer getting away with murder and a two-million- dollar payday.
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Insurance Claims