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Mystery / Thriller
White Heron
The White Heron
A Florida Swamp Guide Mystery (Book 2)

by Carl and Jane Bock,
$3.99 ebook. $14.95 paperback

In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, the Director of the Florida Keys Bird Observatory has gone missing, along with his boat. Zoologist and fishing guide Sam Sawyer joins in a hunt for Frank Alvarado that takes him from the wilds of the Everglades backcountry to an uninhabited island where he makes a gruesome discovery. Along the way Sam encounters nefarious characters who may have wanted frank’s disappearance to be a permanent one. Was it a team of shark poachers engaged in the illegal harvest and sale of shark fins? Or was it an ambitious co-worker hoping to take exclusive credit for the biggest ornithological find in Florida in more than a century? Adding to the mystery is the discovery of the skeleton of a murder victim long-buried underneath a local bar, along with the murder of Becky Nesmith, a Ranger in Everglades National Park. Though seemingly unrelated, Sam cannot shake the feeling that the three cases are linked. With the help of his wife Katie, a forensic scientist, and his best friend Snooks Lancaster, Sam works with local law enforcement to look for common threads tying the three homicides together. Ultimately they are successful, but none could have predicted the bizarre outcome.
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White Heron